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Not the greatest pic of me, but not easy to take a picture or yourself that close.

No real post tonight.  Just finished as much grading as I can stand to do today, so I’ll leave you with this picture.

Miscellaneous Thoughts – 2/16/2012

Not a long post today.  That tetanus shot on Tuesday is really getting me down.  I’m surviving on Tylenol/Advil to keep going, but I just don’t have any real energy or drive at the moment.  So, just a few thoughts here:

  1. Frankie really loves music, especially when I’m whistling along too it.  We’re listening to Tool right now, and she is really responding.
  2. My wife reminded me last night that I had told her that it couldn’t be that bad when she got a tetanus shot a year ago.  I admitted I was wrong.
  3. We had homemade spaghetti for the third time tonight.  I’m going to freeze the rest of it, as three times in a row is enough of any meal.
  4. My wife is gone to class tonight and won’t be back until very late.  She does that on Wednesday’s as well, so I am fully responsible for feeding the kids and getting them ready for bed on those nights.  The other nights, we share the responsibility.
  5. I am very proud of my wife for finishing up her BA this spring.
  6. The kids had chore night tonight – vacuuming, emptying the garbage cans, emptying the dishwasher, and general cleaning.  I did the dishes and am doing laundry.
  7. It just occurred to me that I should also go check my blood sugar soon, as feeling off and out of it is never a good sign for a diabetic.  I’ve got about another hour until it’s been 2 hours since food, so I’ll check it then to see where I am.  Then, I’ll have dessert.  My dessert is something I made for myself, a low-sugar graham cracker crust, no sugar strawberry mousse (from a package), strawberry slices, and no sugar whipped topping.
  8. I have nothing else to say at the moment and will sign off for the day.


So, not doing any education stuff today, so I thought I would upload pictures of our parrot.  Her name is Frankie, and she is a 24-year-old blue-fronted Amazon parrot.  She was bought in 1988, and has lived mostly with my wife’s family until we adopted her last year.  She doesn’t speak a whole lot, outside […]