Thoughts on Health – 3/2/2012 – Diabetes check-up

I had good news today from my recent doctor visit.  The results came back from my blood and urine tests, the first one since I have gotten my diabetes under control.  I don’t have all of the numbers, as they were supposed to email them to me, but I have not received them yet.  What I can say is that I was given a clean bill of health at this point.  I asked about some of the numbers, and my non-fasting blood glucose level was 111, which is just fine for middle of the day with no fasting and after lunch.  My a1c level was 5.5, which is actually great.  It is supposed to be under 7 to be considered under control, so that is also a very good number.  All of my other levels seem to be ok, as the nurse said there was nothing else there to worry about at this point.  Until I see the numbers specifically, I can’t report anything more than that, as I need to look at the iron numbers and cholesterol, but apparently they are not at any sort of alarming level.

So, what that all means is that what I have been doing to try and control my diabetes is working.  My combination of diet and a bit of medicine has dramatically changed my blood glucose levels, as they were over 350 before I started anything.  I just checked, and for the last 90 days, my blood glucose average has been 104, and I average between about 95-100 on my fasting checks in the morning.  All of that seems to be right on target from everything I have read.  I have had a few spikes, but nothing serious at all, and I have not had any particular lows either, as I have been good at making sure that I keep everything going well.

I guess what that means is that I’m doing well so far.  Good news.

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