Thoughts on Education – 2/21/2012 – A day with publishers

I got a few of my own things done today, including teaching a class, but the majority of today was taken up with activities involving publishers.  This was not a bad thing, it’s just different from normal.  It was all with a single publishing company, which shall remain nameless.  I met with two representatives just before my first class today, and that was very productive.  They represent the book that I am currently using and also represent the book that we are probably going to be adopting starting this next school year.  It’s not the exact same book, but is instead the brief edition of the one I’m using now.  We discussed some of the issues and problems I’ve been having, and it would have been nice to talk to them longer, as we could certainly have talked more at that point.  It was nice, as I do like the one-on-one (two-on-one here) interaction, especially with a product that I am currently using.

After my class today, the representatives took the history people out to lunch, and we had a great time just chatting and eating good food.  I don’t go to On the Border much, but what I had was very good.  It is funny, as they had this symbol used in the menu that represented “healthy choices,” but it was only on three items out of the whole entire menu.  I ended up with a fajita salad, which was not marked as “healthy,” but I left off the sour cream and guacamole, which made it not very bad for me at all.

Came back to campus for a bit of office hours and finished up a few things, then it was a drive to Irving.  Long drive.  A huge accident at the 121/183 split backed up for miles and led to a very long and slow drive.  Finally, I made it to the hotel where the history focus group was being held with the publishers.  Essentially, they were showing off their product and getting reactions from us as to what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what we would change/improve.  I had seen most of it before and was the only one there who had used all of the products shown.  Unfortunately, since I do like to talk, and since I had a lot to say about the products that were being used, I probably did talk too much.  Still, I hope it was helpful to the others there, and I hope that what I had to say was also helpful to the publishers.  It was an interesting evening, but i know that it was more helpful to them and the others than it was to me specifically.  It was not a wasted evening by any means, and I did like discussing the material.  I also ran into a couple of people from my earlier conference in Key West last fall, but I must say I liked that format better than this one.  I know the intention is different, and Key West is nice as well, but I just like delving into the issues over a 2 1/2 day conference better than over a 2 1/2 hour conference.  I felt like we just were not able to go into much detail and kept having to move on, whereas I would have loved to just keep going.  I guess that’s the education nerd in me, as I could just talk and talk and talk about this stuff all day long.  Probably better to keep it short anyway, as I would have just continued to talk otherwise.

And now, I’m back home.  Tomorrow, I’m going to have to get to the actual grading I need to do, but it was nice to do something very different for a day.

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