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Thoughts on Life – 3/13/2012 – Buying a house

We have made a big decision.  We are looking to buy a house.  My wife (ok, girlfriend when we started) and I have decided it is time to stop renting and time to get in a house.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. First, we really do not like the place where we live right now.  This apartment complex is tolerable at best.  We are surrounded by loud neighbors, and this has been true of whatever neighbors live there, as the turnover is high.  The maintenance level at our complex is also really low, and has been for a long time.  This means that everything is old, most of it has been patched together multiple times, and many things break every year.  So, we have to put up with them coming in over and over and not fixing things over and over.
  2. Second, this apartment is just expensive on our budget.  Yes, I know a house will be expensive too, but it will feel less like flushing money down the toilet with no chance of improvement ever.  Right now, though, the money is hard to justify, especially considering the condition of the place.  Plus, everything is exactly the opposite of energy efficient here, and we could hopefully rectify this in a house.
  3. Third, we can actually afford a house big enough for us right now.  Yes, there aren’t a whole lot of 4+ bedroom, 2+ bathroom, 2250 sq. ft. + houses out there for under $150000, but there are some.  That was not true not that long ago, but the housing prices have dropped far enough for buying to be a realistic option for us.

So, I have now scheduled our first viewing of a house we are interested in.  Oh, and, yeah, we have no idea what we are doing at all . . .